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Massage & Migraine


Migraine headache is characterized by sudden onset of throbbing pulsing headache. In chronic conditions its associated by half-headed pain. It might leads to fever, body-pain associated with nausea & vomiting. Sometime its get really hard to put your finger on nature of cause of headache.

 Migraine headache matures with onset of some initial symptoms:

 •  Low energy
 •  Frozen neck
 •  Fatigue frequent yawning
 •  Hyperactivity
 •  Acidity
 •  Depression
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Clinically its been proven that dilation of vessels in the head leads to migraine pan in the form of Headaches. Beyond these , modern lifestyle & stress creates contraction and tightening of muscles in the neck, jaw and shoulder areas.

Clinically some of muscles responsible for Migraine are:

•    Serratus Anterior
•    Pectoralis major
•    Trapezius
•    Rhomboids
•    Levator scapulae


How ThaiYoga & Clinical Massage can help you?

Migrane & Neck pain
Muscles responsible for Neck and Headache

Massage for Migraine
Muscles responsible for Migraine
Usually people end up looking for conventional practices like traditional massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage , Ayurvedic massage or Accupressure as last resort to get things back normal from recurring migraine.

  •  On the contrary,ThaiYoga Massage targets the trigger points responsible for aggravating headaches, uses clinical approach for restructuring the Rhomboids and Levator scapula. In most cases, where headache is associated with frozen shoulders, toning and stretching Serratus Anterior has remarkable effects . Sometimes, results are so instantaneous & sudden that person starts feeling normal  again within matter of seconds.
  • ThaiYoga massage helps to release tension from energy centers across the Head, Neck & Shoulder  region, associated with better blood circulation &  flow of oxygen to the brain region . It facilitates relaxation and It realigns Trapizius muscles. 
  • You will feel  lighter with painless neck-head region, resulting into better neck movement and stress free life.
  • All this could be achieved in the few sessions of intensive ThaiYoga therapy for Migraine.

Before onset of Migraine, usually prolonged symptoms of backpain are common. While your body keep accumulating stress from your toes; moving forward to your calf and thigh muscles. As time progresses your stress level is almost full and starts hardning your back muscles , leading to back and lower back pain. All this could be achieved in the few sessions of intensive ThaiYoga therapy for sciatic nerve compression.

For any info regarding clinical or therapeutic aspects of back-pain management or sciatic nerve compression you can refer to these links.
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