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Backpain & Thaiyoga Massage

Backpain or Lumbar pain aka Lower Backpain

Back pain as associated with asymmetrical alignment of our core muscles. Lumbar compression or mis-aligned lumbar are few examples of chronic conditions of back pain issues.
Reasons for lower back pain
•    Injury to muscles or bones
•    Stress or Trauma
•    Lifestyle issues
•    Wrong body posture
Muscles responsible for back pain or lumbar pain
•    Erector Spinae
•    Quadratus Lumborum
•    Serratus Posterior Inferior
•    Multifidus
•    Latissimus Dorsi
•    Iliacus muscle
Backpain relief
Muscles responsible for Backpain
Psoas Muscles
How ThaiYoga & Clinical Massage can help you?
Usually people end up looking for conventional practices like traditional massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage , Ayurvedic massage or Accupressure as last resort to get the back pain  or lumbar pain relief.
  •   ThaiYoga Massage & Clinical massage aspects to release  Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum & Glutei muscles to name a few and ThaiYoga massage helps to release tension from energy centers with blood circulation to facilitate the better  flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. It realigns core muscles with more flexibility with back muscles.  
  • Simple approach of ThaiYoga massage helps in regaining the natural shape and strength of the back muscle. The holistic approach of aligning other supportive muscle helps in building the required strength.  
  • The energy point mobilization helps in diluting the toxic accumulation, resulting into the normalization of muscular movement. The outcome is natural flexibility and the end of pain. 
  • You will feel healthier with painless strong back, resulting into better motor movement and stress free life.

All this could be achieved in the few sessions of intensive ThaiYoga therapy for backpain

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